GIDI CREATIVE CENTRE (GCC): Creating a platform for shared prosperity.


Nigeria’s entertainment sector is unarguably the largest in Africa and one of the fastest growing worldwide. It is estimated to employ over 4 million people and contributes 5% the Nigeria’s economy

In spite of the success stories, there are a lot of Talent is evenly distributed but opportunity is not.


How might the government cause a mindshift change, and convert the teeming number of high potential youths to wealth creators.


We created Gidi Creative Center (GCC) as a response to the aforementioned challenge. GCC talent to leverage local and global opportunities.

Partners: University of Lagos, Lagos State Government and Henley Business School.


Over a period of 19 weeks, we trained 970 students in animation, creative writing, graphic design, filmmaking, personal branding, audio design and fashion design and entrepreneurship. We set up a world class faculty consisting of 93 facilitators, from renowned artists to celebrities and high achievers from renowned organisations.

Followed by a 3 weeks internship at reputable studios, advertising agencies and tech startups across Nigeria.