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Social Listening

In a noisy world, listening to the unsaid is a rare skill set. We’ve got that. Our team of ethnographers and data scientists anticipate sentiments before they become actions.

Armed with our proprietary tool, Sentimita, we are ahead of the curve in ensuring that business and political decisions are taken from an informed perspective. And nothing is learnt in hindsight.

Let’s keep your ears on the ground.

Political Campaigns

From Conception. Strategy. Implementation.

We’ve done it all. Gubernatorial elections, re-election and Presidential election campaigns in Nigeria.

Our portfolio of achievements in electioneering makes us the ideal partner for your political goals. We offer data-led influence initiatives and strategies that will drive the drivers of outcome, the electorates, to your side.

Candidate Preparation

Start your ambition right with our Candidate Preparation solution and avoid expensive rookie mistakes. Let’s help you build momentum on screen and on the street through stakeholder relationship management and initiatives that will get you into the consideration set of the people.

Policy Development & Reaction Management.

Conception. Implementation.

The numerous challenges faced by states and countries in Africa are opportunities to accelerate economic development when addressed with the right policy. At H&T, we collaborate with domain experts to research, draft and implement policies that will ride on your competitive advantage in order to deliver for your administration and the people you govern.

More so, beyond policy implementation, we provide strategic communication support that will engage stakeholders and get the people on your side.

Mentor’s Bureau

For businesses and NGOs hoping to successfully navigate the African terrain, and government agencies with a mission to achieve social impact at scale, H & T offers Mentors Bureau.
Book any of our Mentors to learn valuable lessons and insights on how to succeed in Africa.

Our mentors are accomplished individuals with verifiable impacts in the public sector. They are former governors, legislators, heads of government agencies, military, law enforcement and judicial officers with experiences in leading public sector reforms, tackling terrorism and insurgency, negotiating complex deals and reimagining government to deliver social services to millions of people.