KWAPRENEURS: Converting idle hands to wealth creators.


For a lot of young Kwarans, their ambition was to become appointees of politicians or work in the public sector. Kwara’s youth unemployment figure was recorded to be 24% in 2017 and it had become worse when Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq took office in 2019.

High youth unemployment fuels a patronage system through which the Saraki dynasty perpetuates itself in power, thereby putting pressure on the state’s lean resources without commensurate internally generated revenue and improvement in the lives of the people.


How might the government cause a mindshift change, and convert the teeming number of high potential youths to wealth creators.


Working with the government and youths, we co-created KWAPRENEURS, a 300 Million Naira business support program targeted at young entrepreneurs that are converting local problems to wealth creating opportunities.

Through a rigorous selection process; from online application to live pitch sessions and a business training program organized in partnership with Fidelity Bank and Google, 100 entrepreneurs were awarded interest-free loans ranging from 150,000 - 3 million Naira. Mentors are attached to each successful entrepreneur for a period of 6 months to work with them in building successful ventures.


1,535 entries across 16 local government areas
100 business funded
91% repayment rate
522 new jobs created within 12 months