How Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq became the face of change in Kwara state.


Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq had twice contested for gubernatorial and senate seats unsuccessfully. A successful businessman from an aristocratic background, he is a man of simple demeanor. Approachable, soft spoken and media shy, he did not fit the stereotypical profile of a politician, talk less in Kwara where the braggadocious style of the Saraki dynasty was the template for most politicians.

How might we sell a candidate with no visible political structure as an alternative to the Saraki political dynasty?


Converting weakness to opportunity. Unlike most elites and politicians in Kwara state, Abdulrahman did not have a record of dealing with the dynasty and so was not beholden to it.

We leveraged his anti-status quo posture to position him as an independent minded, selfless and empathetic leader fighting side by side with the people to realize a Kwara that works for all.