MY ASIWAJU STORY: Bridging generational divide to build a road to Nigeria’s presidency.


The 2023 election in Nigeria was considered a referendum on the establishment.

For Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the former Governor of Lagos, National Leader of the ruling party, APC and an active player in the political scene since 1991, it was a battle on several fronts. From internal hurdles within APC to christian community who felt marginalized by a Muslim-Muslim ticket, and the raging youths who considered the election as a generational shift.


How to galvanize the young voters around a candidate who is considered tired, corrupt and out of touch with the reality of Nigerians?


Humanize the candidate through a testimonial of his achievements using real people.

With Nigeria’s median age at 17.2 years, the younger generations could not relate to Tinubu, the technocrat, pro-democracy activist and administrator. Most were not even born when he governed Lagos State between 1999 - 2007, or not conscious enough to remember his giant strides.

To bridge the gap with the Gen Zs and younger millennials, we created My Asiwaju Story, a collection of emotive stories on Tinubu’s achievements featuring the beneficiaries of his policies and initiatives.

Shot at the iconic Ogidi Studios in Lagos and locations around the country, we produced 45 videos, amongst which are the stories of Ebuka Anisiobi, the first beneficiary of the popular 1-day Governor Initiative, siamese twins and establishment of Lekki Free Trade Zone.


120m unique reach, 1.5Bn impression, 18k+ comments. Online sentiment improved by 55x by the end of the campaign.